Science of Mind (SOM) Jewelry

All jewelry pictured is solid Sterling silver

Order via paypal shopping cart,email,

or phone (828 216 1422)


Large (3/4 inch) SOM Lapel Pin$25 each

Medium Teaching Symbol Pendant $40 each

SOM Teaching Symbol Pendants, retail

Small Teaching Symbol Earrings $38 per pair

Medium Teaching Symbol Earrings, not pictured.

SOM Teaching Symbol Earrings, retail
 MG 3631

Small Teaching Symbol shadow box Pendant

SOM shadow box Teaching Symbol pendant
 MG 3632

Small Teaching Symbol shadow box earrings

SOM shadow box Teaching Symbol earrings
Ladies Sterling SOM ring

Ladies SOM ring

Lady's SOM Sterling Ring
IMG 0564

SOM Holy ring

Holy SOM Ring Larger sizes are available. Please email me to order.
IMG 0580

Solid Small Signet Ring

SOM small Signet rings. Please email me to order larger sizes.

Vesica Piscis sterling pendant $56

Heart Labyrinth $56

Shipping and insurance included!

Email me to order or comment.